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Odysséa is an association whose mission is to mobilize women, men and children by organizing sports events to raise funds for the fight against breast cancer.

For over 20 years, Odysséa has organized races in which more than 1 million people have participated, resulting in the collection of 12 million euros.

Beyond these numbers, Odysséa aims to ignite an “extraordinary” glimmer of hope by demonstrating support for all women, showing available solutions to live better with the disease.

Commitment is one of the pillars of Odysséa . Its founders were driven by a deep desire to leverage their experience as athletes and their passion for sport for the benefit of others. It was translated into the idea of creating moments of sharing, optimism and hope through running, with the funds raised supporting the fight against breast cancer. This idea quickly materialized into collective action, uniting individuals in a long-term commitment.

For the past 20 years, commitment has been at the heart of  Odysséa’s daily operations. It is the common denominator of all those who participate in this project, who give their time, transmit their energy, share their skills to make it grow and come true.

This commitment is nourished by a strong desire to join forces to fight against breast cancer, with the ultimate goal of providing help and hope to women and their loved ones by giving them belief in the future.

Association Odyssea

Generosity plays a pivotal role to make each Odysséa race a truly charitable event, where all profits are donated to the fight against breast cancer. Generous people, both women and men, contribute with love without hesitation. Odysséa  has had the chance to meet many caring individuals driven by a genuine sense of devotion, desire to help and encourage.

This spirit of generosity is found in those who organize, who care, who secure, who accompany, who encourage and who believe that together we will experience unforgettable moments at the Odysséa races. This generosity within Odysséa also has a strong side that is not fleeting and enables us to create strong and trustworthy friendships and relationships with which we can shape the present and the future. These generous men and women are the heart of Odysséa.

Sharing is certainly what most characterizes the Odysséa experience. A shared effort with a ‘’pink wave’’ that guides the participants along the course, inspiring them to push their limits and enjoy the moment. An exchange of positive, optimistic and sincere feelings that reminds us at every moment why and for whom we are running.

A taboo-free and benevolent sharing of experiences that allows women and families to know that they are not alone with breast cancer, that hope is allowed and that resilience exists. An exchange of love, friendship, fraternity that unites us and makes us feel stronger together. A sharing of convictions, because everyone knows that their donations and the power of their commitment help to advance research and make great strides in the fight against breast cancer.

Being together, being more than a million who have been mobilizing and sharing positive energies for 20 years, it necessarily makes us stronger, collectively and individually.

The hope that Odysséa believes in is a future where all women can be cured of breast cancer and where there are solutions to all the sequelae of the disease.

This hope has been nurtured for over 20 years on the one hand by the incredible mobilization through the Odysséa events, which have raised 12 million euros, and on the other hand by the many advances in research, whose results have already had a positive and lasting impact on patients’ lives.

By supporting over 100 projects, Odysséa stands witness to the talent and determination of physician-researchers striving to find a cure. It also celebrates the unconditional commitment and inspiring initiatives of associations that contribute to improving the daily lives  and rehabilitation of patients.

These are the proofs that inspire hope, ignite the desire to progress, dream, live, and believe once more. As long as it takes, ODYSSEA will continue to be a source of hope, mobilizing and supporting those committed to the fight against breast cancer.

Toghether, we are even stronger.